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Mark Holdship Addresses the Top 4 Cremation Related Concerns of Mid-Michigan Families

Concern #1 - Wondering if They Receive the Correct Remains

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A quick Google search on the term “cremation mistake” returns 409,000 shocking results. Page after page of examples in which unintentional mistakes resulted in the family receiving the wrong ashes back from a crematory or funeral home.

 I believe you should never have to question whether we return the correct ashes to your family. That is why I rely upon the services of the state-of-the-art crematory owned by my wife, Angie Holdship. Needless to say, I have complete trust in their level of service.

This clean and orderly crematory is operated by certified technicians. It is inspected regularly by the State of Michigan and is always open to be inspected by the families we serve.

Rest assured that we take the secure care of your loved one’s remains very seriously.

Concern #2 - Timeliness

The timing of the cremation is a major concern for approximately 75% of the families we serve. In some cases, they wish to have the urn present at the memorial ceremony and in other cases they would like to bury or scatter the remains while the entire family is still gathered.

One advantage of using the services of a crematory owned by my wife is that with just one phone call to the crematory operator your loved one’s cremation will immediately be scheduled to fit the needs of your family.

This type of express service is something for which some crematories charge extra. However, Angie’s team always goes above and beyond to meet your schedule at no additional cost to you.

On rare occasions a cremation will be delayed because of the lack of state mandated medical signatures. Should this happen we will let you know right away so you can plan accordingly.

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Concern #3 - Lack of Options

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Unfortunately, many funeral homes treat families who choose burial differently than those choosing cremation. For burial families they will offer visitation and funeral services plus a wide variety of caskets and vaults. But when it comes to cremation families they will adopt a “one size fits all” approach and present you with a very limited set of services and merchandise.

At Holdship Family of Funeral Homes and Cremation Services, we pride ourselves on offering a full suite of memorial services and an extensive line of merchandise to the families we serve. If a traditional funeral is not to your liking, we have a number of creative alternatives. If you are looking for more than a basic urn we offer an extensive collection in a wide price range.

Concern #4 - Deciding what to do with Cremated Remains

All too often a family member receives the cremated remains and are left what? Do you scatter the ashes someplace? Do you place them in an urn? What do you do with the urn?

We recently received a call from a woman who was cleaning out her deceased grandmother’s house and had found three urns containing remains of other family members plus she had her grandmother’s urn. She was faced with a moral and legal dilemma of what to do with all of the remains. Sadly, this happens all too often.

That is why we make it a priority to discuss the important topic with every family we serve. We will help you understand what is legal in the State of Michigan should you choose to scatter the remains and what options are available if you choose to bury them.

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